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Today, I am honored to host a blog written by wife, mother, Army veteran, and author, J.A. Stinger. J.A. co-authored her debut novel, Generations Beyond, with her husband P.W. and is currently working on the sequel. J.A. describes Generations Beyond as a  Military Sci-Fi w/ a dash of Romance.

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J,A, Stinger has been chosen by Rave Reviews Book Club as their Spotlight Author for the week of January 10-16.

How Do You Write?

by J.A. Stinger

I think that’s the question that I get asked most often. My honest answer is “very sloppy and organized at the same time”. If you looked at the bag that I carry, and the notebooks it contains, you would wonder how I ever got anything finished. But if you looked at my Google Drive, you would find Folders and Files on just about everything imaginable.

I keep a messenger bag with me that has four notebooks in it, so that I can jot down ideas when they pop into my head, which could be at any random time. I also have my tablet in there, so I can do my reading. Right now, the main notebook has scribbles on the trilogy for Project: Generations and all the plot twists that I’ve come up with for that, as well as the prequel and the next series that is coming that spawned from the original.

order chaosIn the other notebooks there are notes on the other stand-alone novels that I’ve thought up along the way that have nothing to do with Project: Generations or anything related to it. There’s Sunset Oubliette, which is a Hollywood fiction with the main character being a tragic child star. Next, there’s Pull Me from Shadows, which has Mia and Caleb. That one is a Contemporary Thriller/Romance. I’ve been working on that story since NaNoWriMo 2012, and since I didn’t start out with an outline, I have no idea where I was going with it or what the ending of it was/is going to be. It may end up being a short story with no ending and let the readers’ imagination take them where they want to go.

I work in tandem with my husband and co-author. I have to admit that my weakest point is dialog, but his is story ideas. So, in that regard, we make the perfect team. Since when I try to write something and I think all my characters sound the same, he helps me out. And since he can’t outline or plot his way out of a wet paper sack, everything works out grand.

Remember when I mentioned Google Drive earlier? That’s where we write everything. Since it’s a fluid document and saves everything in real time, we don’t have to worry about saving a Word Document and saving it to each other when we edit. For our situation, it’s perfect.

When it comes to any editing, that’s all me. Social Media? That’s me as well. Formatting and cover design? You guessed it. All me. He’s content with being a pretty face next to me on the back of the cover and having his name on the front.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Contact me through the social media links listed below. I’m always happy to connect.

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J.A. Stinger is the co-author of Generations Beyond

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8 thoughts on “Meet Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author J.A. Stinger

  1. I can really connect with this post. The dozens of Post-It notes with story ideas jotted down. Notebooks filled with rough outlines, ideas, paragraphs, and lines of dialogue, just waiting for the time when they’ll become either novels or short stories. My desk is littered with ideas. Now if I can just find time to write!

    Thanks for hosting, Rebecca.

    • I wish I had post-it notes everywhere, Beem and J.A.! I’m always sure I’ll remember my creative ideas, so 90% are gone forever.
      Thank you for stopping by, Beem.

    • I think my husband would go crazy trying to write with me! I love your partnership!

      Thanks for commenting, Rebecca!

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