Sherilyn Powers–I’m Not Crazy…I’m Allergic!

Hi, and welcome to the final day of the “I’M NOT CRAZY…I’M ALLERGIC!” Blog Tour with Author, Sherilyn Powers.


Sherilyn Powers imageIf you have followed this awesome tour, then you already know that Sherilyn enlightened an empowered us with information to help us, help ourselves.


Recently, Sherilyn commissioned 4WillsPublishing to create the perfect book trailer to enhance the wonder, that is her book.  Today, we are introducing you to that trailer and we are asking you to stop by if you haven’t already, take a peek, and then share it on social media with all your friends and family.


If you missed any stop along the tour, please head to Sherilyn’s Blog Tour page at 4WillsPub where you can go back and follow each stop.


If you haven’t already, be sure and leave a comment on any of the stops to be entered into Sherilyn’s awesome Giveaway!


And now, we give you the “I’M NOT CRAZY…I’M ALLERGIC!” Book Trailer!  Let us know what you think in in the comments below!


Thanks for stopping by and huge thanks to Rebecca, for ending this tour with a bang!

I'm Not Crazy I'm Allergic by Sherilyn Powers

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8 thoughts on “Sherilyn Powers–I’m Not Crazy…I’m Allergic!

  1. Sherilyn’s work linking depression to allergies brings a great deal of hope! Great job Sherilyn! I’m honored to host you on your blog tour!

    • Thank you so much Rebecca, hope is what it is all about. So many people have no where to turn. They are told they are depressed and the only support they are given comes in a pill. The human mind/body isn’t designed to be depressed on a full-time basis any more than it is designed to develop reactions to parts of its own system (auto-immune diseases). There is a cause, a trigger, we just don’t always know what it is. Getting rid of allergies won’t help everyone like it did Julie, but it has helped a lot of people get a better quality of life.

    • Thank you so much Beem! I’m glad you found it helpful. And Rebecca, a wonderful end to a great tour. (This was my first and it won’t be my last!) Thank you for hosting my new trailer that was so wonderfully done by 4WillsPublishing!

  2. Yes, Rebecca, we appreciate you so much for the host as well as your frequent stops along the entire tour. Sherilyn has given us all much food for thought, and if you guys weren’t logging in a food journal, now would be a good time to start!

    Thanks, guys! Awesome tour!

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