Meet Featured Artist and Author Laurie Finkelstein

Today I welcome Laurie Finkelstein, an artist who is working on her first book, a romantic comedy “Next Therapist Please”.

I find Laurie’s art to be diverse and beautiful! Laurie has explored a variety of medium including clay, metal, oils, pen and ink, pastels, and watercolors, ultimately choosing acrylics and mixed media as her medium of choice.  She studied at USC School of Music and the Arts, Otis Art Institute, California State University, and through private instruction.

Below are several pieces of her work that drew me.

You can visit her website for information on how to purchase these, and other of her fabulous works of art.

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Laurie Describes Her Art

I believe that much of what we see is not really there, and there is so much around us that we do not really see.

My paintings reflect my perception of nature by painting what I see and what I want to see.  My current series of paintings focus on rocks and boulders. I am fascinated with the variety of textures and colors in seemingly mundane objects. They are also like postcards from my travels as I photograph rocks and boulders wherever I might be and use those photos as inspirations for my paintings. Many of my works border on the abstract by way of the composition and placement of edges. My placement of the rocks on the canvas showcases the cracks and crevices, creating depth and contrast in light and shadow. I improvise and exaggerate the colors I see in the surface of the rocks so that each painting has slightly different color combinations. Creating these paintings allows me to elevate the intrinsic beauty of boulders. The boulders have been in the making for millions of years and yet seem unchanging.  They stand as metaphors of strength and durability. My images give the audience an alternative view of what we mostly take for granted and see only as objects to climb over, lean against, or walk by.

In my traditional landscapes I tweak colors to produce images that are slightly unreal.   My abstract paintings are images that I would like to see in nature. They include elements such as wire, beads and textiles to represent tiny and microscopic particles and living things.

Laurie Finkindian-summer-wind

Indian Summer Wind
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Panel
14 x 18 x 2
$185.00 USD
laurie finkwinter-passion
Winter Passion
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Panel
5 x 7
$35.00 USD
Inner Erosion II
17 x 20
$300.00 USD


San Pablo Bay II
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20
$350.00 USD








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