My Heroines In Their High School Days: Back-To-School Book and Blog Block Party!

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This happening party gives you, the guest, a chance to rub shoulders with great authors, hang out with interesting fictional characters, win fabulous prizes, and the best part—you can invite everyone you know to join the fun!

The prizes you can win at this stop:  

First Prize-A $10 Amazon Gift Card

Second Prize-An e-book version of Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used 50 Shades of Grey To Spice Up My Marriage

Third Prize-An e-book version of Haunting Megan

Fourth PrizeAn e-book version of Into Dark Waters

All you have to do is read about my favorite fictional women and comment before midnight, CST.  Share your thoughts, or tell me what do you remember most about high school.


Christa Nardi, Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Brian O’Hare, Gwen Plano

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My Heroines In Their High School Days

Keeping with the Back-To-School theme, I thought it would be fun to take a peek at the early lives of some of my book’s leading ladies to see how they would have faced their first day of high school.

But first…an announcement from our principle:

“Attention: Those wanting Sex Education: Today marks the release of Christian Sex andPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071] Marriage: It’s Complicated by Rebecca Reilly. This book is full of true stories, research, and practical how-to advice to help you deepen the emotional and sexual intimacy in your marriage. Stop by to see what the excitement is all about and find the links to order your copy today!”

Phoebe as a freshman (from Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used 50 Shades of Grey To Spice Up My Marriage)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00058]I bought a neon pink sweat suit to wear on my first day of high school. How was I to know the pretty girls had declared pink was out that year? I felt like a stick of cotton candy toddling around campus. If only it’d rained. I could have melted away instead of shining like a beacon of nerdiness.

Of course, I got lost and walked into boys’ locker room instead of the girls’. The tuna fish in my sandwich soured and stunk up the cafeteria. I tripped up the stairs, split my new pants up the crack, and squirted blood all over myself when my nose smacked against the sidewalk. At least wearing neon pink wasn’t my biggest problem anymore.

On a brighter note—I raised my hand in class and answered every question asked. I think my teachers loved me. That will make me popular!

Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used 50 Shades of Grey To Spice Up My Marriage-Synopsis

Food is not a great substitute for sex, but it’s all I’ve got.

It’s not that I’m not happy in my marriage. I am. George is a good man, and I love him. I love our two children. I love our home. I love our church. And I love my job. I love everything I have.

And I’m bored out of my mind.

I know God created sex for marriage. And not just for beautiful people, either. Sex is supposed to bind a man and wife; to give them an intimacy they share with no one else. Sex is supposed to be fulfilling. And fun! I think we’re supposed to want to have sex with our spouse.



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Julie as a senior (from Into Dark Waters)

BookCover5_25x8_BW_330.pngJulie slid her damp palms across her thighs. The tight fit of her new jeans made her uncomfortable, and she felt fat rather than the sexy she’d hoped for. She buttoned the crisp, pink collared shirt and hesitated only a few seconds before deciding to leave the top one undone. Joel will notice me today, she told herself. She left the room quickly before her reflection scared her into changing into the old, conservative style clothes she’d always worn.

For Julie, stepping onto the school bus was like entering a different world—comfortably familiar and sparkling with promise. Old friends, new friends not-yet-met, and the prospects of the year ahead took her mind off her embarrassing attempt at look-at-me fashion. How could her impossible dream of romance compete with the reality of laughter and the social whirl of high school?

When the bus pulled into the lot, Julie’s smile died. She stayed seated until only she and the driver remained. She looked down and sighed. Julie quickly buttoned her shirt to the top, picked up her book bag, and stepped onto the campus.

Into Dark Waters-Synopsis

A cruise ship is an easy place to commit murder. Body disposal’s a cinch, and suicide’s the likely verdict. The only problem is determining how to choose the next victim.

Sad and sexy, women find Detective Jim Tanger attractive. He doesn’t care. His wife’s suicide three years ago froze his soul. When Jim hears that Sunburst Cruises has lost another young female passenger to an assumed suicide, Jim’s passions erupt. He pushes the department and the cruise line into letting him investigate. Battling seasickness and overwhelming shyness, Jim must protect the women and find the killer only he believes exists.

Julie Cooper loves her husband Joel. She hopes their anniversary cruise to Hawaii will be a new beginning for them. Before her suitcases are unpacked, someone unleashes a campaign of terror against her. Anonymous threats, cryptic messages in her cabin, and an attempt on her life force Julie to look at the one person who might want her dead; the one person she trusted with her life.



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Megan as a sophomore (from Haunting Megan)

BookCover5_25x8_BW_330.pngIt’s tough to go unnoticed when your grandfather forgets to buy you new jeans, and the only ones you have are two sizes too big in the waist and three inches too short. Too tall. Too skinny. Too gawky. Too weird.

That’s the girl who sees ghosts, someone will say.

She looks like a ghost herself, they’ll laugh.

They’ll look me over then look away.

You know her mother’s in jail for murder, they’ll whisper.

You know she discovered the bloody body, they’ll giggle in sick delight.

Maybe it’s her fault her sister’s dead, each one will think.

But I will know.

She doesn’t belong at school with normal people, they’ll shout.

I don’t belong anywhere.

Haunting Megan-Synopsis

After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, Megan wakes to screams, cries of murder, and the room splattered with blood. Sent to the mountains to live with the grandfather who’d once abandoned them, Megan must learn to care for her young sisters and manage Wind Hollow Lodge. Fighting to live a normal life, Megan ignores the haunting memories of her past. But she can’t ignore the ghosts that terrorize her. Believing her sanity is slipping away, Megan is unable to keep her visions a secret from the town. When murdered men are discovered on Wind Hollow land, people start to wonder just how crazy Megan Wilson really is.



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Please comment below to enter to win! I’d love to learn about your first day of high school! 

  I’ll see you at the next stop of the #RRBC BOOK and BLOG BLOCK PARTY!



42 thoughts on “My Heroines In Their High School Days: Back-To-School Book and Blog Block Party!

    • I think that burden falls on your shoulders, Gordon! After all, it would take a man to do it right!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I love your idea of peeking into your characters’ versions of their high school selves. Brilliant! Pheobe’s take was hilarious, but the one that peeks my interst the most is Megan. That story seems right up my ally! Love it! :-) <3

    • We could have been twins–except mine wasn’t a perm, so I could NEVER get rid of the curls and frizz!
      Thank you for stopping by, Michelle!

    • Thank you, Cassidy! I hope you enjoy it. It’s best read on a cruise–it makes you distrust everyone and afraid to walk alone at night. :)
      Thanks for joining the party!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Diary! I just finished the audio recording of it. I wanted to re-capture her voice and continue telling her story.

  2. This was a fun stop on our Block Party circuit, Rebecca. How very imaginative to introduce your main characters by going back to their youth – and utilize the same back-to-school theme with each, WHICH, also fits into the theme of the Block Party! Wow! How impressive is this! Very nicely done! My first day of high school back in 1964 was in an all boys school – so dressing to impress was NOT an issue… unless impressing the two very mature secretaries was important to you! I remember that my big concern was avoiding the bullies in Grade 12 and 13 who were busy grabbing “minor niners”, dragging them into the washrooms and giving them “flushies”. I was fortunate and escaped… I think my size had them believing I was a newly-transferred older student. Reminds me of a true story a few decades later – a very puny grade nine kid was cornered by five Grade 12 bullies in a washroom. Everyone else cleared out. Five minutes later the runt emerged alone… the bullies were unconscious on the washroom floor. They messed with the wrong kid… black belt in Karate!!! The principal pretended it never happened.

    • I’m glad you escaped the flushie, John! I wonder how that puny kid fares today? And did the bully change for the better or worse? Sounds like it could be a good novel!
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing, John!

      • Rebecca, I don’t know how that kid turned out, but for the balance of Initiation Week, he went hunting for Bullies but… he didn’t find any more. The flushies had miraculously stopped! You’re right… there’s a book in there, methinks!

  3. High School–all the students got together and entered a radio contest to win a juke box for the school. We worked hard and got the juke box and when it was delivered the radio hosted a large party for us and we danced in the parking lot.

  4. What I wore my 1st day at college? Luckily that wasn’t so long ago (no, not that – I went back when I was 38!). Unfortunately it was a work day and I was there evenings so I was in a black pants suit with a blue (probably) shirt that wasn’t the sort that it mattered if I left some buttons undone or not! And the guys at college were all MUCH younger than me anyhoo so that wasn’t a problem at all… 😉
    Hope today goes well for you Becky – I’m going to have to go and lie down after recalling all those young hunky freshmen! 😉

  5. Your books look great, Rebecca! My high school memories are mostly made of up of long hours on the marching band practice field and football games. 80s fashion was atrocious but we thought it was sooo cool.

    • Amy–It’s so surprising to see those 80’s styles coming back! At least they were colorful! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Seeing all your books on display makes it easy to see what you have done. It gives me a chance to take a really good look at your books. My high school days were spent in an all girls school wearing a uniform. I remember the uniforms being really sharp though. We wore plaid skirts and dark blue blazers. It was pretty sharp but I still got sick of them. We did have dress down Fridays so that took away the monotony. Good Job Rebecca!

    • Thank you, Shirley! There were times I wished we had uniforms-that way I wouldn’t show up in something no one else would be caught dead in! I appreciate you coming to my party!

  7. Not sure if this is the place to comment or above – but to be extra sure – commenting in both! :-)

    Very nice of your to host us all here today at the wonderful third day of the #RRBC Back to School Book/Blog/Block Party! I very much liked your page and the ‘backstories’ you put up for us to peruse – good luck with the book – ML

    • Thank you, Michael! I think either place works! I just answered your question about the photo on the Facebook comment–Big Trees California.

  8. ‘Loved your high school memory blog! I can’t say I remember the first day, but I know I was so excited to be at John Marshall High School in Chicago! It was just like the movie Cooley High! I was so glad to move from class to class instead of staying with the same teacher all day, and I loved having the chance to meet so many new friends. I loved high school so much that I became a high school English teacher and I just retired four years ago! Now that I have time to read, I’ll definitely be checking out your books! Have a great tour!

    • Thank you for stopping by—and for spending a lifetime investing in the lives of teens! Happy Retirement!!!!

  9. Hi Rebecca, I’m sorry I missed your party. I love your style of writing! I wish I could be so witty. People say my writing is quite formal so I wish I had your talent. I’m looking forward to reading your books.

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