The Geek Club




Geek Club

Who needs to worry about being cool in the fourth grade? Everyone-according to Ron, the new kid in class. He’s big, strong and mean, and he loves to bully the geeks who don’t measure up. Austin, JJ, and Josh need to figure out what makes them cool,so they have the confidence to stand up to the bully. They ban together to form The Geek Club and discover how awesome geeks can be!




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“I am a fourth grade teacher in San Francisco, and I have used this story as the foundation for my anti-bullying unit for the past five years. My students always connect with the humorous characters and the real-life struggles they face. The Geek Club provides practical ways for youth to handle bullying while sending a powerful message about self-esteem, identity, and love for one’s enemies. I am grateful for the meaningful discussions that this novel has started in my classroom, and I highly recommend this poignant, fun, and kid-friendly read to both teachers and students.”

“Becky Reilly must have spent some time living inside the head of some 4th graders to prepare herself for writing this cleverly crafted tale of pre-adolescent angst: dissecting sheep brains, being cool and uncool, getting bullied, struggling to find acceptance. Actually, readers of all ages will find inspiration as the geeky stars of the story learn to revel in their geekiness as they lose themselves in service to others.”

“It’s rare these days to find a book written for adolescents that doesn’t contain violent themes or ideas. “The Geek Club” is just that book! It’s definitely one I would give to a classroom of students or my own children to read. It has a mix of comedy, as well as adventure, and most importantly, it has a moral lesson! But don’t let that persuade you, thinking that your kids will find a moral message theme boring. Young people will be able to relate to the situations that the friends (The “Geek Club”) find themselves in (in fact, anyone who has been through Jr High can relate!)”

Why Becky wrote The Geek Club:
Becky had the opportunity to work with a young man living with spina bifida.  She admired his cheerful courage as he smiled through the physical rigors of his disability, and loved others despite the emotional toll of being different. 
Believing strongly that God designed each one of us with unique sets of talents, personalities, strengths and struggles, Becky hopes The Geek Club will help young students celebrate what makes them special—even if what makes them special keeps them out of the Cool Club at school.