Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used ’50 Shades of Grey’ to Spice Up My Marriage

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Food is not a great substitute for sex, but it’s all I’ve got.

It’s not that I’m not happy in my marriage. I am. George is a good man, and I love him. I love our two children. I love our home. I love our church. And I love my job. I love everything I have.

And I’m bored out of my mind.

I know God created sex for marriage. And not just for beautiful people, either. Sex is supposed to bind a man and wife; to give them an intimacy they share with no one else. Sex is supposed to be fulfilling. And fun! I think we’re supposed to want to have sex with our spouse.

I look at the college students walking around the campus where I work, and I think they are getting way more out of sex than I am.

And that is just not fair.

George and I did it by the Book. We are the ones that should be tingling, panting, and dripping with lust. We’re the ones who should be the models of sexual satisfaction.

I should feel as the bride in Song of Solomon felt: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is more delightful than wine….Take me away with you–let us hurry. Let the king bring me to his chambers” (Song of Solomon 1:2, 4).

But even Song of Solomon hasn’t helped spice up our boring chambers. And most of the time, I think George would rather have wine.

I needed something else. I needed more specific instructions to liven up our life. But where does a sexually uptight, Christian woman (with a reputation to protect) go for help?

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Goodreads reviews for Diary of a Christian Woman



“OMG! I love Diary of a Christian Woman. I will definitely add this to the list of books I recommend to my clients….I enjoyed how you maintained the Christian aspect throughout the book. Your story is very similar to many of the women I talk with. Diary of a Christian Woman, I believe, is a book every saved woman can relate to. Good luck. I can’t wait to read the sequel.”

Diary of a Christian Woman was a wonderful read that I could not put down once I started! What a wonderful summer read that took us into the world of Phoebe and George that so many of us can relate to. I loved the curiosity of Phoebe, her relationship with her teens, the comedy and romance all bundled in to one wonderful package. Thank you to the writer for this fresh take on a middle age woman’s world!”

“Although funny and sometimes frighteningly embarrassing (for Phoebe), Diary of a Christian Woman takes an honest look at what intimacy truly means in a marriage relationship and throws any stereotypes of a “Christian sex life” out the window. It’s refreshing and entertaining and I recommend it to any Christian married woman, whether they’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or not.”

“As soon as I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I read it in a single day! It is so refreshing to read a book that addresses the issues married Christian women face in such an honest, relatable, and hilarious way.”

“I loved this book! It’s funny and honest, and isn’t afraid to tackle the topic of sex. I love how the author incorporated scripture verses into the story to demonstrate how God designed sex for our pleasure and something to be enjoyed in a marriage. The story is told in the first-person format, and the main character (Phoebe) is hilarious! I highly recommend.”

How this book came to be written:
While sitting over a plate of chips and talking about life, the conversation turned to sex (which often occurs when Rebecca is at the table). The most conservative of the group suggested Rebecca write a funny story that might help women introduce more sexual fun in their marriages. As a Pastor, Rebecca, has taught and counseled women through marriage and sexual issues, and gladly accepted the challenge.



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