Picture Books That Spark Imagination In Young Children

Books brought magical joy to my childhood. I could go to places where animals talked, friends were easy to make, and adventures could be found by turning a page. I believe a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts adults can foster in their children. My hope is that these three books will spark your child’s imagination, and he or she will find the magical joy that comes from turning the page.


Hide and Seek with the Moon

This is the story of Alice, her stuffed animals, and her dog as they search for the moon. Why does it shine in her window on some nights, and then disappear at other times? This book is written in rhyme and perfect to read to toddlers.

As a bonus, Heart of a Kitty is included in the paperback of Hide and Seek with the Moon.

Front Cover

Jammers and HIs Flying Bed Adventure

Bedtime made Jammers as grumpy as a bulldog with a toothache. Why should he have to go to bed while everyone else gets to stay up and play? All that changes when his dad teaches him the secret of the flying bed. On his first adventure, Jammers captains a ship, outwits pirates, and rescues his cat Rex. Who knew bedtime could be so much fun? A great story to read as you tuck your two-year-olds through six-year-olds in bed.


Heart of a Kitty

Ellie Mae’s life as a princess pussycat begins when she is rescued from the pound and taken to a loving home. Ellie Mae is adored and pampered until a new human baby, Sarah, comes to take her place. Ellie Mae is cast out into the garage. As Sarah, grows, Ellie Mae chooses to love her even though love hurts sometimes. One morning Ellie Mae wakes up as a human child and gets to spend the day playing with Sarah. Finally, Ellie Mae can tell Sarah she loves her in words Sarah can understand. A great story to read to your two-year-olds through six-year-olds.

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