Simple Decision: How my writing support group grew 400+ with one click


A chance post on my Facebook page led me to Rave Reviews Book Club. I’d never heard of it before that morning less than a year ago. Rave Reviews Book Club was created by its president, Nonnie Jules, and exists to gather readers and independent authors into supportive relationships. But that does not mean members give “Rave Reviews” to other members! The goal is to buy, read, and give an honest review of 4 member books per year. Through the club, members are chosen to be promoted in a variety of ways, Book of the Month, Push Tuesdays, Pay It Forward, Rave Waves Blog Radio, “Spotlight” Author weeks, weekly newsletters, and more.


What did I gain from joining Rave Review Book Club?

  • My Twitter following has grown from 1800 to 4526 (as of this moment). These are real followers, not bought.
  • I average 20+ tweets and re-tweets about my books, posted by others, each day.
  • I have been given two blog radio interviews-one from Rave Reviews and another from a host who saw all of my support on Twitter.
  • My work has been featured on multiple writers’ blogs.
  • My book, Haunting Megan, has been chosen to be this month’s Book of the Month. It has received a great deal of extra support, a chat room discussion, and many more sales and reviews—And there are still 11 days left in the month!

More importantly…

  • I have learned how to support other authors.
  • I’ve read books I would not have read and explored genres I would have ignored.
  • I have developed relationships with writers and readers all over the world.
  • I have a peer group who is always available to answer questions, give feedback, and encourage me on my writing journey.
  • I belong to a team.
  • My life has been enriched because of Rave Reviews Book Club.

If you are an author, I strongly encourage you to look into Rave Reviews Book Club! If you are a reader, explore the catalog. You will find some amazing work!

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